Inspiration, like beauty, can be found everywhere…

Passion Flower

…I feel we’re lucky if we have the chance to experience it!

“Fight for your dreams and your dreams will fight for you” –  Paulo Coehlo

The First Spark…

At 24 I was looking for change – keen to keep my creative edge but without any clear direction I decided to apply for evening class. However, something exciting grabbed my attention on the night of enrollment. Mesmerized, I watched while some students were making powerful artwork in a nearby studio – dynamic, tangible, alive – it was stunning and I was awestruck. Totally captivated and profoundly inspired… Change, had found me!

Guided by a dedicated team of practicing artists, I worked through a phenomenal range of  projects, concepts and disciplines to generate a rich, diverse portfolio. Those intense days, weeks and months passed rapidly as I produced a prolific body of two and three-dimensional work, enabling me to apply for a Fine Art Degree, and more.

  • Studying semiotics and media – I specialised in photographic and computer based screen printing – graduating with 1st Class Honours BA Printmaking, at Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design, in 1991 – after, I taught on the Duke of Edinburgh Award and worked in Print and ICT.
  • From 1999, I taught young people with learning difficulties (to develop vocational and life skills, incorporating ICT at Somerset College of Art and Technology – and worked closely with Barnardo’s Inclusion Project, Save the Children and the National Year of Reading – deploying broad-based, practical, design and  communication skills, on a scope of major, inclusive, public projects.
  • Intuitively, I seized a chance opportunity in 2004, to train on the NC Blacksmithing & Metalwork Course at Hereford College – winning a 1st Prize at the Royal Welsh Show in 2005, was an omen that confirmed my new direction.


Forging a small independent business based in rural Hereford, I design and produce individually crafted furniture and functional objects – using traditional and contemporary methods. While natural elements, signs and symbols inform and influence my work, self sustainability and creative passion inspire me to design and engage with the magic of  fire and iron…

When heated, the composition of iron becomes “plastic” and malleable, allowing it to be manipulated, shaped, textured and refined – when it is cooled it is physically transformed but  simultaneously it retains it’s strength, integrity and durability. It has a multitude of  historical applications (industrial; agricultural; architectural; sculptural; ornamental – to conjure up just a few).

Its morphing properties invoke a myriad of possibilities – its versatility complements other materials, while others complement it. By harnessing these  qualities, steel becomes a compelling choice for contemporary style or design (interior, exterior, decorative, organic or otherwise).

As inspiration may be a spark for new ideas, translating concept into form.offers its own challenge. Here, lateral thinking and practical development are essential keys to unlock and manifest that fresh innovation –  breathing life into the work.

Crucial to the creative process, progressive solutions are paramount in producing unique work that is valued but ultimately, will be a continual source of pleasure and satisfaction. Providing a solid platform of experience and focused on customer requirements, I undertake work – made to your specifications – with additional consultation and development for that “special thing” you may wish to have commissioned…

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